Passion Projects

Have you been offered to interview for your dream role, but are unsure of how to portray your abilities and passion for instructional design?  Use these 5 interview tips to build your confidence and feel fully prepared for the interview process and ultimately land your dream ID role! 

Contract positions…maybe they should be considered! Read to learn how my opinion changed on this form of employment as I opened my eyes and ears to the benefits these types of positions can offer. 

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Robin, owner of IDOL Courses Academy, about my IDOL success story. I discuss being a former teacher who made the transition to a full-time instructional designer role in 4 months after I joined the IDOL courses Academy. 

I share my journey and some incredible tips for teachers making the transition to instructional design and online learning development. Check it out!

In this episode of the ‘Ask an IDOL’ series, I was asked to answer three questions about the IDOL Academy's "Do It Messy" 14-day jumpstart from my perspective.