Design Documents

SquidFin Consulting Capsule (2).pdf

New Manager Consulting Capsule

Time in Development: 10 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer

Tools Used in Development: Canva

Summary: New managers at SquidFin are tasked with helping their direct reports create 3-4 professional learning goals and an individualized growth plan. Progress towards the goals is monitored throughout the performance review cycle.

Challenge: Many new managers are promoted from within and aren't given training when starting their new roles. They're struggling to help direct reports create SMART goals and are met with defensive comments when providing feedback during performance reviews.

Solution: The learning experience will consist of scenario-based eLearning, observations, role-playing, mentoring, and job aids. The new managers will be trained in people management through a scenario-based eLearning course that provides practice with goal setting, as well as offering constructive feedback when discussing goal progress. A cohesive performance review cycle and individualized growth plan template will also be proivided for consistency throughout the company.

Results: New managers can help new hires create appropriate SMART goals and an individualized growth plan. Managers can provide constructive feedback to their direct reports that help them make progress and ultimately reach the goals they set for themselves.

Features of Pivot Tables.pdf

Pivot Table Course Design Document

Time in Development: 3 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer

Tools Used in Development: Canva and Microsoft Excel

Summary: Individuals who have a basic understanding of excel and the creation of pivot tables will learn three new features to further their skill set in analyzing data. This course is designed to teach learners about these three features, as well as provide practice in using them in three short lessons.

Challenge: Many people have a basic knowledge of the program Excel. Some even understand how to insert a Pivot Table. Many Excel users are not aware of the advanced features to make analyzing the data easier.

Solution: This course is designed to provide a tutorial on three features available when creating a pivot table in Excel. The learner will be given instruction on summarizing data in rows and columns, using data filters, and design options available in excel when creating pivot tables to analyze data. It is also intended to provide practice for the learners with these three features.

Results: Learners are able to create a Pivot Table using data in Excel. They can manipulate the data in both rows and columns in order to analyze the data in a variety of ways. They're able to add two types of data filters, a slicer and a timeline, to make analyzing the data even simpler. Learners can choose design options that are appropriate for the data they are analyzing.

Virtual Meeting Etiquette_Storyboard_Template.docx (1).pdf

Vyond Animation Script and Storyboard

Time in Development: 3 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer

Tools Used in Development: Vyond and Google Docs

Summary: Individuals who have been asked to host their first virtual meeting may be nervous. The video was created to provide five tips to follow to help make their first virtual meeting run smoothly.

Challenge: Many people have attended virtual meetings, but they have not hosted one. Many first time hosters are unsure of how to prepare to ensure they are successful.

Solution: This video was created to calm the nerves of those first time virtual meeting hosts. They are given five tips to follow as they prepare, and host the meeting

Results: First time hosts, felt that after watching the video they were more prepared to host their first virtual meeting. They were not as nervous and felt the meeting ran smoothly.

Check out the Learning Materials page to see the video.