Storyline 360

Fire Safety in the Workplace

Time in Development: 50 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer

Tools Used in Development: Articulate Storyline

Summary: The interactive Fire Safety course is designed to educate employees on how to be prepared in case a fire emergency arises. Interactions, scenarios, and quizzes are used to educate the learner on fire basics, fire extinguisher use, evacuation, and prevention.

Challenge: The topic of fire safety is one that is important, but also one that proves challenging to ensure learners are engaged and interested. This Storyline course is designed to keep learners engaged through audio, drag and drop interactions, and real- life scenarios they may face in the workplace.

Solution: After this training, employees understand the types of fires they may encounter and the appropriate extinguishers to use for each. They also understand how to assess whether they should fight the fire or evacuate, as well as how to use an extinguisher if necessary.

Results: At the completion of this course, learners took a formative assessment. The results are provided to the learner through a result slide, as well as to the employer. The results show that after completing this course employees are more prepared for a possible fire emergency than prior to taking the course.