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Camtasia Video from PowerPoint

New Driver Virtual Training

Time in Development: 10 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer, Graphic Designer, Video Developer

Tools Used in Development: Powerpoint and Camtasia

Summary: Before new drivers hit the road, it's important for them to learn about distractions that may impair their judgment and lead to traffic accidents. 

Challenge: New drivers learn by example. They may see their parents, older siblings, and friends reach for their phones, eat a meal, or program navigation while driving. 

Solution: After this training, new drivers will know the types of distractions, actions that cause distractions, how to prevent distracted driving, and steps being taken to keep Americans safe. They will see the severity of choosing to drive distracted and have the opportunity to take a pledge to drive safely. 

Results: New drivers pledged to drive safely and avoid choices that would cause them to become distracted while driving. They were excited to set a good example for friends and family who were passengers while they drove.

Final Growth Mindset in the Workplace (1).pdf

Slide Deck, Facilitator, & Participant Guides


Growth Mindset in the Workplace

Time in Development: 15 hours

My Role: Instructional Designer and Graphic Designer

Tools Used in Development: Canva

Summary: Health and wellness is becoming increasingly important in any workplace. In most cases, an all-around healthy employee has a higher level of work performance than an employee that is mentally and physically unhealthy. Employees with a growth mindset show a willingness to learn new things in order to make changes to better themselves, those around them, and the company they are a part of.  

Challenge: Not everyone holds the belief that you have the capacity to learn and grow throughout your life and career. It’s important to educate employees on what it means to have a growth mindset and that no matter your age or stage of your career you are capable of making changes and growing to new heights.  

Solution: After this training employees understand the term growth mindset, the research behind it, and what steps they can take to begin acquiring a growth mindset. They are open to taking this journey in order to grow as an individual, as well as a team member working towards an all-around healthier workplace. 

Results: Employees felt empowered to try new things. They took initiative to engage in new learning. They took feedback as a way to grow in their new learning. They are up for any challenge given to them.